Secure Those Cucumbers in Your Home Vegetable Garden With These Four Methods

Cucumbers are the second most popular vegetable grown in a home vegetable garden according the United States Department of Agriculture. Who can argue? They are a great vegetable to eat and easy to grow. They have but one drawback. They require a lot of space if you just let them grow and vine out (indeterminate varieties of course).

You are in luck though. Cucumbers will grow wherever you direct them and if you are limited with horizontal space that means you can send them vertically. Here are four methods you can use to make sure you have plenty of room for all of your other vegetables.

Tomato Cage
Most people do not think about using a tomato cage for their cucumbers. You can pick up tomato cages at your local home or garden center for just a dollar or two. These work very nicely because not only can you get them to grow up, but by directing their growth you get them to grow in a spiral upwards direction. The cucumbers will latch onto the cage and then you simply direct the vine to go where you want it to grow.

Pole/Stake with Fencing
Another good method is to take a garden stake or pole at least fifty inches in height and wrap it with some fencing. Poultry fencing seems to work the best. As the cucumbers grow they will latch onto the fencing and continue to grow upwards. You may have to do some directional help here but not as much as with the tomato cage. This method will require taller poles for the cucumbers, but is a great space saver.

This, the trellis method, is probably the most popular of the four. You can build or buy a variety of different trellises for your garden. Do a Google search on the word “trellis” and you will see what I mean. Just put a trellis near your cucumber plants and they will do the rest. Depending on which type of trellis you go with, the amount of work you put into it could be as little as none to as much as the tomato cage. More than likely it will be somewhere in between the two.

String and Poles
Finally, this is the method my dad used all the time and that was to have two poles at each end of the garden row that the cucumbers were in and then tie multiple rows of string to each end of the pole making sure each row was very tight. As the cucumbers would grow he would direct them back and forth and up the rows of string. It worked very well for him and kept the row of cucumbers in their own rows.

These 4 methods are nothing new and have been around quite awhile. If you are new to home vegetable gardening I would recommend experimenting with all 4 of them to find the one that best fits your needs and growing style. You will be amazed just how much room you can save by growing vertically.

Nothing, But Nothing Compares With a Home Herb Garden

Nothing compares to a home herb garden-but why? What are the advantages to growing your own herbs over buying products at the health food store? First let’s discuss the general advantages of using herbs themselves before we move on to the benefits of a home herb garden.

Herbs smell and taste wonderful.

Some claim that herbs help them spiritually and emotionally, while others just enjoy the physical benefits or sensations of these extracts.

Herbs can help to reduce the amount of sugar, fat and salt that you take in which will ultimately help you lose weight and help get your heart into shape. Herbs can also provide medical help to patients who are suffering from disease or persons who are attempting to stay healthy.

The Benefit of Fresh Herbs

That’s all well and good but isn’t it true that one can just as easily buy herbs from the grocery or health food store? Yes, but there is a world of difference in eating herbs grown from a home herb garden and eating herbs that have been stored for weeks on the racks.

Herbs are at their peak when freshly picked off the plant. This is when the herbs contain the highest content of vitamin and minerals. You can taste the difference when applying freshly picked herbs onto a salad or when making tea. If you are using herbs for homeopathic reasons then obviously you want to ingest the products when the vitamin and mineral content is at a peak.

Other reasons for wanting a home herb garden might include the convenience of the location (no need to travel all the way to the store), the ability to stock up on a particular type of herb, and the beneficial exercise that planting provides.

Economy and Other Advantages

Then you have to consider the economy of it all. Indeed, many shoppers are frustrated when they discover that the local store doesn’t carry their favorite type of herb. You don’t want excuses, you want herbs! When you grow your own herb plants, you maintain the full inventory. Why, you could even give away excess herbs to your friends and family members (if they are so lucky!). You can even use the herbs (or seedlings) as the perfect seasonal gift.

Starting your own home herb garden certainly saves you money.

Instead of paying astronomic prices at the supermarket (marked up for front end expenses) you are only paying for the container, plant mix and seedlings. You could save even more money by collecting the seeds after flowering and planting them next season. This saves you money on buying new plant materials.

Last but not least, you can start a garden at home just for the aromatic and aesthetic joy of it all.

Some people find gardening work (not to mention the smells) refreshing, relaxing and worth their time without any extra incentives. There is no downside to starting a garden at home! For more information on how to get started, talk to your local nursery or look up resources on how to plant a home herb garden.

7 Reasons You Should Host Your Own Home and Garden Party

No matter what time of year it is, making their home and garden area comfortable, stylish and inviting is a goal of almost every homeowner. But for most of us, it’s difficult to even get started on a home or garden decorating plan.

What is the best theme for your lifestyle, budget and likes? How do you choose the right color scheme? What are the latest decorating trends? What goes well together? What are the best home décor choices that will spotlight your own individual style, tastes and mix well with your lifestyle?

Part of the problem is, we are faced with an almost endless variety of choices. And if you don’t have any training or background in home decorating, all those choices can seem more than a little overwhelming. Here are 7 reasons why you should host your own home and garden party:

1. Hosting your own home and garden party is a great way to find answers to all your questions in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and all from the comfort of your own home. Just think – no more driving all over town, hunting for a parking space, fighting crowds or standing in long checkout lines!

2. Best of all, your home and garden party consultant has received training in home and garden decorating. She knows the latest trends, and is familiar with many different products that are available. (She can also steer you clear of making glaring and rather embarrassing mistakes!) But more than that, on the day of your party, she will bring a wide variety of products, giving you and your guests the opportunity to see, touch and try different products together, so you can see how the different pieces or colors look and fit together!

3. Having a home and garden party is like getting the services of an expensive interior decorator, all for free! You can even ask decorating questions about different rooms in your home or outside in your garden. With everything from flower arrangements to framed art to candles, your home and garden party consultant can show you how to use the existing pieces in your home with one or two new accessories – and end up with new décor that perfectly expresses your individuality, style and decorating scheme!

4. Want to get your family away from the “boob tube” and outside enjoying the great weather of summer? Your home and garden party consultant can show you how to create an outdoor living or family room on your patio, terrace or garden area. Add a splash of color and whimsical accessories and your family and friends will be love spending quality time together.

5. Need ideas for holiday get-togethers? Your home and garden consultant can show you some wonderful and long-lasting accessories that you’ll enjoy using year after year!

6. Winter blahs got you down? Holding a home and garden party in the winter is a great way to lighten your mood. Not only will it help you to start thinking of the warmer days of spring and the fun you’ll have out in your garden, but you can also find many home décor items that will put some pizzazz back into the dark, dreary corners of your home. You’ll be able to see – and smell – the latest candle scents, find cozy comforters or wraps and even cute accessories that will brighten your days. And don’t forget being able to do all your holiday shopping from the convenience of your own home!

7. Planning a party has never been so drop dead simple! Depending on the product line, your home and garden party consultant can give you some great ideas for planning your party – things like themes, games, decorating ideas, even recipes for the refreshments. Your guests will enjoy the personalized attention, opportunities to win fun prizes and have a good time and find exactly what they’re looking for to make their own homes and gardens reflect their own tastes and styles.